We offer rental for SCBA on monthly basis or longer duration. Our SCBA are certified to EN 137 Type 2 and tested annually. Below are the benefits of rental versus purchase:

  • Reduce the cost ownership of purchasing a new SCBA set.
  • Customers that required SCBA set for project or short term basis.
  • Customers do not have to worry about maintenance and annual testing.
  • Free delivery of SCBA and replacement for any faulty set.

Inspection & Repair

Aplus SCBA service center is equipped with most advanced equipment and specialist to inspect and repair SCBA of most brands in the market.

Cylinder Refill & Hydrotest

We take great care in our cylinder refilling service. The air refills are guarantee Grade D breathing air quality under OSHA standard. Our compressor is equipped with filters for water vapour and pollutant. This will ensure that the air breath in by user is free from water and odour.

Cylinders have to be hydrotested to maintain integrity and service life. The frequency of the testing depends upon the cylinder material. It is unsafe to use or refill cylinder without hydrotesting due to high pressure. Aplus offers cylinder hydrotest service for all cylinders in the market.


SCBA can be used in different application from confined space to emergency services. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the lifespan of the SCBA. Hence, we offer comprehensive cleaning services for SCBA such as full face mask, backplate and cylinder.